Watchin’ the sun go down while eating. Amazing  (at House of BIG FISH and Ice Cold Beer)

More school stuff. Main Character and Support/Sidekick. I like the way these came out. Still learning. I adopted some other characters recently that I really really wanna draw….. Curse you Finals.

Working on junk for school. She, is like my favorite character in my story but her clothes don’t fit in with the story very well….. orz I have to redesign her eventually….
Practicing my portrait skill, might eventually take commissions for these if people are interested. It’s colored pencils. Prismacolor, and prismacolor verithins. Their fuuuunnn.
A #spacedandy breather in between hw. I like these simple doodles.
Re-watching .hack series. And warming up before I start hw again.
Working on character designs for a story for class. Starting to actually finalize them.
You know your up to late when you start drawing #achievementhunters. #gavinofree always cracks me up.
Chow chows are still my favorite dogs.
If you haven’t drawn in a while start with people. That’s what I do anyway.
Guess what I’m super duper psyched for? Go support night in the woods on kickstarter if you haven’t already. I think it’s going to be an awesome game. 
So instead of doing homework and coming up with like a product for my communication sketching class I drew simon. Yaaayyyyy.
Hey All, I haven’t been drawing stuff other than hw. But I did end up sketching my DnD character. 
I dont like it anymore. :| whhoops
Still thinking about my future aspirations. It’s kinda not fun.