Practicing my portrait skill, might eventually take commissions for these if people are interested. It’s colored pencils. Prismacolor, and prismacolor verithins. Their fuuuunnn.
A #spacedandy breather in between hw. I like these simple doodles.
Re-watching .hack series. And warming up before I start hw again.
Working on character designs for a story for class. Starting to actually finalize them.
You know your up to late when you start drawing #achievementhunters. #gavinofree always cracks me up.
Chow chows are still my favorite dogs.
If you haven’t drawn in a while start with people. That’s what I do anyway.
Guess what I’m super duper psyched for? Go support night in the woods on kickstarter if you haven’t already. I think it’s going to be an awesome game. 
So instead of doing homework and coming up with like a product for my communication sketching class I drew simon. Yaaayyyyy.
Hey All, I haven’t been drawing stuff other than hw. But I did end up sketching my DnD character. 
I dont like it anymore. :| whhoops
Still thinking about my future aspirations. It’s kinda not fun.
I CANT WAIT ANY LOOONNNGGGGEEEERRRR. This game is going to eat into my new drawing schedule i made for myself, so that i would draw more than like 2 hours week. I’m really horrible with drawing consistantly if you haven’t noticed. 

Testing out color schemes for this Plant Girl. I like the last one the best I think. Sorry for the Spam. I dont know how to change the picture layout. :(